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project science


Having spent my entire career fully immersed in science and research, my chief passion has always been sharing scientific knowledge with as broad an audience as possible, in hopes of sharing my excitement about these topics with everybody. I have constantly strived to kindle passion in our fascinating world by focusing everything through the lens of why this information is so freakin’ cool.

One way I hope to do this is through the YouTube series Project Science, and its short-form companion series, Withee Labs Short Shorts. Using humor and quick pacing, these videos hopefully present some of the fascinating inner workings of our universe in an easy-to-digest form, so that everyone can feel a little more excited about science.


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DEC 17, 2018

Memory and the Doorway Effect

Wait, what did I come in here for again?!


jul 5, 2018

Lessons from the Sun: When to Cut up Your Pineapple

When you find out about a video contest 36 hours before the deadline, your first priority should ALWAYS be to buy a pineapple. My entry for the BBC Earth Presenter Search 2018


apr 21, 2017

why science is political

How do science and politics interact? What is the March for Science? Can scientists actually affect any sort of meaningful change without self-reflection?

To learn more about the extent of the ongoing problems with diversity and justice in science, I strongly recommend exploring #MarginSci. I have done at best a weak job of even beginning to describe the racism/sexism/ablism and more that is inherent in the field, and these issues require everyone's attention.


feb 23, 2017

Real Scientists: Biologists

Ever met a scientist? Well here are three!



Nov 25, 2016

What is the Difference Between Fruits and Vegetables?

It's that fruit goes in pie and vegetables go in pot pie. Right?


Sep 15, 2016

What Makes Humidity Feel So Hot?

"Yeah, but it's a DRY heat."


Oct 30, 2015

Science Explains Hauntings

What really causes buildings to be "haunted"? Why do you sometimes feel like you're being watched? Are ghosts to blame? Or could it be... SCIENCE?

The coolest haunted forest ever


Oct 15, 2015

Why Do Leaves Change Color?

What causes the leaves to change in autumn? What causes autumn? What causes leaves?! Find out some of the answers and also other things!


Oct 7, 2015

Keeping Science Interesting

The Project Science mission statement. Special thanks to René Buell for her expertise!


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